Do Crested Geckos Grow Their Tails Back?

Lizards have a lot of unusual features. We always try to learn all the new interesting things, if they happen before our eyes. Tail loss is one of the unique peculiarities I would like to talk about in this paragraph. So, let’s find out the reasons for such trouble. Do crested geckos grow their tails back? I think you will be interested to know all the facts.

Interesting Features & Facts

Very often, the owners don’t follow the correct atmosphere and features of keeping pets. The poor living conditions or low temperatures without the utilizing of heat lamps can have bad consequences. For example, you may notice a lost tail of your crested gecko. Sure thing, reptiles sometimes do this.

Different species have their characteristics concerning this feature. However, since we are talking about a particularly rare species, we learn about the causes of loss and the possibility of regeneration.

Causes of Tail Loss

I watch my pets for a long time. And unfortunately, I had to notice the loss of the tail for various reasons. I want to discuss this with you. I don’t think you want to see your crested gecko without a tail. And I hope you save it from such stress. So, I wrote in the table the reasons and situations. Some of them were my real observations.

  1. Protection against attackers
  2. Jeer
  3. Stress
  4. Disease
  5. Poor living conditions
  6. Other reasons

In What Cases?
  1. Geckos leave a tail in case of danger. It serves as bait and sways without a master. So, the lizard can run away.
  2. When living in groups, stronger individuals may mock weaker ones.
  3. Humiliation, malaise, various fear factors lead to severe stress, which may result in loss.
  4. Infection, ill-health leads to a dropout.
  5. Improper temperature, humidity, light, bad food, small terrarium lead to such cases.
  6. The lizard leaves such a part if the tail is stuck or pressed by something.

I will tell one real story from my experience. “One day, a woman came to my shop. She said anxiously that one of her geckos had lost its tail. She asked how to make a crested gecko drop its tail? I tried to find out the reason. Then I asked what she was doing at the time. The woman explained that she wanted to clean one terrarium and housed several males together. I realized that the reason could be bullying and explained it to her. The woman had made a mistake, so she blamed herself for not following the pets’ behavior. So, if you love your little friends, try not to let them stress.”

Do Crested Geckos Tails Grow Back?

how to make a crested gecko drop its tail

Most lizards may recover the lost part. According to Elizabeth Hutchins, a researcher at Arizona State University, it takes 60 days for a lizard’s tail to recover. Unfortunately, the cresties don’t restore their tails. They normally live without this part. But it is important to avoid any stress or other unpleasant situations. So, if you have become owners, then take part in their care.

  • Give good food, including insects.
  • Create a good ecological environment.
  • Don’t forget about temperature, lamps, light, humidity, etc.
  • Do not settle many males in one area.
  • Be careful not to squeeze the tail.
  • Do not take on hands lizards often.
  • Take care of your pet.
  • Take them to a veterinarian.

I think you will reduce the probability of a crested gecko tail injury thanks to such tips.

How Many Times Can a Gecko Regrow Its Tail

Reptiles can regenerate their tail many times. No one has established the exact number of such attempts. However, the older the individual is, the less chance of recovery it has.

Why Does Rot Appear on the Tail & How to Deal With It?

Some geckos may change color. And there are various reasons for this behavior. However, if you see black spots on the tail, you should check your pet with a veterinarian. Such signs can be rot which can lead to the death of the part.

There can be many reasons. And they are identical to those we have already talked about. You can look at the chart. If you see black spots, I recommend crested gecko tail rot treatment.

An infection may be one of the main causes. This is scary because your gecko cannot only lose its tail but also die. Therefore, there are two ways. You can save your pet with antibiotics or surgery. Of course, the operation must remove the tail because the infection can spread throughout the body. However, don’t worry. If you apply sooner, you can do without surgery.

One day, I had a similar situation. I noticed black spots on my pet’s tail, and I went to the vet. As a result, he prescribed me antibiotics. And you know it helped. However, one of my acquaintances still had to operate the pet. The treatment didn’t help. So, be careful and contact your vet in case you notice any incomprehensible shades.


Is Tail Death a Stress for Cresties?

Losing any part of the body is as stressful for every animal as it is for humans. Similarly, the tail is part of the body. And the lizard experiences stress at its loss. Therefore, you should treat with compassion and care in such moments.

Does It Hurt a Gecko to Lose Its Tail?

No, it doesn’t hurt at all. The tail is adapted so that it can die in some cases. But as far as I know, cresties do not feel discomfort in case it falls off.

What to Do in Case of Stump Infection?

You can try to apply a little antiseptic to the wound. However, I would advise you to see a veterinarian. I think you should take this case seriously.



So, you already know, do crested geckos regrow their tails? Unfortunately, they do not have such ability. The loss is due to the bad influence of some phenomena or behavior and is also stress. So, be good owners, and you won’t see such consequences.

Emmy, 29 years old. Since my youth, I have been fond of reptiles and especially geckos. On this blog, I decided to share my personal experience in caring for crested geckos.

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