Do Crested Geckos Like to Be Held?

Every pet is special in its way. Geckos also have a specific character and many obscure traits in behavior. Many people are interested in a lot of info. Are crested geckos affectionate? Can they be tamed and trained? Unfortunately, these are not cats or dogs. It is not so easy to be friends with them. However, they also love a little caress. So, let’s find out, do crested geckos like to be held?

Should You Pick Up a Reptile

Cresties are amazing creatures and friends for many people. Nevertheless, it is not so easy to earn their trust. They don’t know what it means to love or indulge. So if you want to take your crested gecko in your arms, you should pay a lot of care not to offend its personality. I like one great post on the Reddit site. You find great tips on what to do and what not to do about geckos there. I liked this guide and found them useful for everyone.

how to handle a crested gecko for the first time

Many owners take their cresties in their hands. They don’t even think about the benefits or harms. Yes, you can take your pet in your arms every day, but gently and not for long. Have you ever wondered what the pros and cons are when you pick up your friend? Let’s look at these features in more detail. In the table, I gave the benefits and shortcomings.

Pros & Cons

  • Hand walking and periodic hand changes can be great exercise and fun.
  • Any crested gecko is fond of jumping. So, it will happily jump from hand to hand over long distances.
  • You get closer to your pet, which evokes a sense of trust.
  • You can feed your little friend out of hand. It will gladly eat and get used to you.

  • There is a danger that your gecko will fall and get injured.
  • Cresties may lose their tail due to the carelessness or clumsiness of your hands.
  • Passing it from hand to hand can have a bad effect and lead to stress.
  • Raising a gecko in your arms in the presence of many people worsens its health.

Undoubtedly, your crested gecko likes you to take it out of the cage. However, I advise you to do such actions alone with it. Cresties don’t like loud noise and many people around. They are afraid and get much stressed. Therefore, they feel safer in a cage in the presence of many strangers. That’s why you should respect your little friends.

My acquaintance once did nonsense. His pet trusted him. When a man took it in his arms during the party, everyone touched it as well. After such an incident, his gecko did not fit into the owner’s hands and even bit him once. Can you imagine?

Ways to Pick Up Your Crested Geckos

how to tame a crested gecko

It would help if you learned how to take such little lizards into your hands. Not everything is as simple as it seems. Cresties grow slowly. If you take it to your home as a child, it will get used to you and your hands. However, how to handle a crested gecko for the first time?

  • Please do not remove it from the cage from the first day after purchase. Another house and terrarium are new and stressful for it. Let your pet get used to the new conditions.
  • You can try in a few days or a week. First, create a quiet and pleasant atmosphere in the room. Then, remove the cover quietly and carefully so as not to frighten it.
  • Put your hand and gently place it on the bottom of the container. Wait a minute. The creature must make sure that you do nothing to it. Maybe it will get out of your hands. If not, then try the next day.
  • If your pet comes up to your hand, slide it under the chin. He has to get out on his own and hold you.
  • How to pick up a crested gecko? Round your palm. Make sure he is always on top, as he can climb or jump.
  • Put your other hand so that it does not fall.
  • Please do not hold it by the tail, as it may fall off and not grow back. Instead, just put your fingers under it to support.
  • Could you not keep it too long? Let him get used to such actions gradually. Put it back, pressing your hand to the bottom. He has to climb himself without jumping.

I think this method will assist you in winning affection and trust. Later, you can train a gecko by jumping or other entertainment. You won’t achieve the desired effect in a few days or even weeks. It would be best if you taught it to trust you, calmly go to your arms, and sit on your shoulders. Then, when you realize that it is ready for training, you can try.

Interesting Training Lessons

Let me guess, you’re curious to know how to tame a crested gecko, right? So what can I tell you?

  1. Encourage it with food. Like other pets, lizards like to eat something delicious.
  2. Put your pet on one palm and cricket on the other. Place your hands at a distance. Your friend will want to eat it and jump. You can increase the space every day.
  3. Alternate your hands as it climbs on them. Thus, it will climb from one hand to another. Gently turn your hands so that it climbs from the bottom to the top.


Can I Keep Cresties for Long on My Hand?

I think 20 minutes will be enough. If you have had your pet for many years and it trusts you, then take longer. They like to sit on human shoulders or arms. I wouldn’t say that these reptiles are too fond of grace.

Do Crested Geckos Get Attached to Their Owners?

Unfortunately, they do not feel love at all. They are not attached to humans. They can later trust the owners. However, a feeling of trust is all they are capable of.

How Do I Know if My Gecko Feels Good on My Hands?

Your pet won’t fuss or run away. Instead, it can look like it is basking in the sun. So, it feels fine. But, if something is wrong, some geckos even change color in outrage. Sometimes, they can bite.

Do Crested Geckos Recognize Their Owners?

Yes, cresties can feel smell and hear your voice. They will probably listen to you go to them or talk if they live with you long enough.


Final Words

Are you still worried about the question, ‘Does handling satisfy your crested gecko? Yes, these strange little creatures don’t know how to love, but they know how to trust and be friends. They like to spend time with their owners on their hands or shoulders. They enjoy playing, jumping, and having fun. Learn patience without grabbing your pet right away. Instead, wait, and it will come out into your arms. And don’t keep it too long. 15-20 minutes will be enough for it.

Emmy, 29 years old. Since my youth, I have been fond of reptiles and especially geckos. On this blog, I decided to share my personal experience in caring for crested geckos.

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