Do Crested Geckos Like to Swim (and Water)?

As you probably, know, geckos are amazing creatures with their features and characteristics. You constantly have to explore new topics and learn something fresh, don’t you? Every owner also needs to know a few features of their staying in the water.

I have highlighted a few key features regarding swimming needs. Let’s understand do crested geckos like to swim (and water) and in what cases? And also, what are the disadvantages and bad effects of water. So, in the article, you will find all the necessary data.

Do Crested Geckos Swim?

Honestly, cresties float due to their instincts. No one taught them to swim. However, their actions are most likely similar to running. They seem to run away from the top of the water without diving. These reptiles are afraid to dive because they cannot breathe underwater (they do not have gills).

So, their ability to swim is instinctive. If you see your gecko running in the bathroom on the water as if playing, you are wrong. Most likely, he is trying to find a way out faster and escape to land. They certainly dive, not finding the shore, holding their breath for a while. In the worst case, they can drown and die.

Does Your Gecko Need Frequent Water Treatments?

Do Crested Geckos need water

People like to bathe their pets constantly. However, we forget that all animals are different. Some love water treatments, and others hate it. Can crested geckos swim? You may often think about this question. I answer “Yes”. Nevertheless, do they need such procedures?

Not all reptiles are the same in their characteristics. Cresties have a bad attitude towards water treatments, bathing, and swimming. Therefore, they can get severe fear in the water. The death of the tail can accompany such stress. One day, my acquaintance tried to play with a gecko in the water. That reptile escaped from the water as if from a predator. After that, his pet did not approach the owner for several weeks.

Several Situations Allow Swimming in Water

  • If you see that your gecko has turned grey or pale, it may mean that it sheds its old skin. So, you can bathe your geckos during the shedding procedure.
  • It happens that cresties pores are covered with wax films during the breeding, which provokes inflammation and redness. Baths can help remove such trouble.
  • If your lizard has bloating or has not digested any food, then massaging the abdomen in warm water will facilitate digestion.

I identified these benefits and unpleasant consequences and wrote the pros and cons in general in the chart. You’ll be able to decide for yourself, do your crested geckos need water or no. Thanks to my observations.

  • Easier to clean from old skin
  • Cleaning pores from dirt during the breeding
  • Possible facilitation of digestion

  • Risk of drowning
  • Distrust to the owner
  • Severe stress and fear

A Few Tips on Bathing

The shedding process allows geckos to clean their skin on their own. And since geckos often molt, depending on age, they should not be immersed in water. If the owners want to study and explore their pet’s tastes better, they should follow a few tips when bathing.

  1. You can take a container but pour very little water there so that your pet does not dive but stood quietly on his feet.
  2. Keep the gecko in the water for a short time. The maximum period you need to remove dirt on his nails or elsewhere is ten or fifteen minutes.
  3. Do not exceed the temperature norm. That is, the water should not be above and below 90 – 95 degrees.
  4. Remember to dry your friend well with paper towels to avoid hypothermia.
  5. If possible, make a steam bath instead of water. Or avoid immersion to the bottom, especially the head.

And the last, what water to use for crested gecko? You can use regular water that you drink yourself. You do not need to buy specialized water or boil it. Cresties drink even drops of water formed from steam, humidity. The same aqua will be used for bathing. The main thing is to remember about cleanliness. Is your water chlorinated? Can’t you use it yourself? Then do not give it to your pet.


Do Crested Geckos Absorb Water Through Their Skin?

Geckos need moisture all the time. However, they do not require soaking in water. Reptiles can absorb moisture very well. Their skin can absorb steam, drops of water from napkins.

Do Crested Geckos Like Waterfalls?

Cresties do not like a lot of water, swimming, and bathing. However, small waterfalls can be useful. Some reptiles may be happy with such features. However, they must be kept clean at all times. Make sure that not too much water is formed. It can be dangerous for your pet.

Can I Bathe My Crested Gecko?

Geckos are arboreal, so they do not need bathing. This procedure can add significant stress to them. They clean their body of dirt independently.



As you have learned, swimming is not good entertainment and fun for cresties. I would not advise injuring your pets with water. They are alive and have various tastes and preferences like people. Besides, they have enough of a simple spray or even wiping with a damp cloth. Their skin absorbs moisture and meets all the needs of the body. Nature is smarter than us.

Emmy, 29 years old. Since my youth, I have been fond of reptiles and especially geckos. On this blog, I decided to share my personal experience in caring for crested geckos.

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