How Long Do Crested Geckos Live in Captivity

Cresties are not too demanding, but the owners still cannot do without proper care. Many people have various questions about the life, development, and care of their reptile pet. They live long enough, and safekeeping greatly affects life expectancy. They can become friends and love to spend time in people’s hands. However, the terrarium is their protection where they feel safe. So, let’s find out how long do crested geckos live in captivity? What affects and determines the length of life?

What Affects the Long Life of Crested Gecko?

You ask, ‘how long do crested geckos live in the wild?’ Many fans of reptiles are interested in this issue. These pets aren’t at all like dogs or cats, are they? The difference can be several years or nothing at all. In nature, such reptiles live not many years. They can get into the teeth of predators or other troubles. In captivity, you can enjoy their presence even up to 25. What does it all depend on?

To determine the response to the issue, ‘how long do crested geckos live?’ think about what you do and how you care. Several factors affect lifespan. I have described them in a table with some explanations for your understanding.

Factors What means
Genetics It is possible to get the disease from relatives, which will affect the short life cycle.
Environment Care, temperature, humidity, lamps, a terrarium can affect long life or premature death.
Food Nice eating with all the vitamins and minerals significantly prolongs life.

Additional Information

crested gecko lifespan as a pet

So, I will try to explain more deeply the factors influencing crested gecko lifespan as a pet.

  1. Like humans, animals, reptiles, and birds can receive various genetic traits from their ancestors. For example, there is a possibility of transmitting diseases, defects, etc. Accordingly, your friend may also have some genetic diseases such as MBD. As a result, it can die faster than other species.
  2. Cresties grow slowly, so you need to take a lot of care. However, it makes your pet live carefree and happy. They reach adulthood from fourteen to nineteen years. Under very good conditions, crested gecko life expectancy can enlarge by five years. The perfect environment with all the right needs will allow your friend to live even 20-25 years.
  3. Every owner should feed their pet with all the necessary products. Geckos are predators, so they like to eat worms, crickets, grubs, and other food and water.

Are there any other factors? One woman once asks me, ‘Does age affects the color of the dermis?’ Does the reptile alter it when it has to die? She observes color changes in Charley (her pet’s name) until the crested geckos reach full size. The reptile periodically changed coloration until it reached the age of 14. Her pet lived two years after that with the same shade and died. I also have not met such a thing that a reptile changes it at death. Try to take good care of your pets if you want to enjoy them for a long time. I give some interesting advice.

How to Prolong Geckos Life – Tips

How many years do crested geckos live

  • Every youngest or oldest crested gecko needs a normal balanced diet. However, do not limit it to food rich in everything necessary for regular life and development.
  • Ventilate, wash, and without fail to disinfect the cage at least once a month. Change the litter every 1-2 weeks and remove the poop every day. Thus, you’ll reduce the number of bacteria that harm your friend’s health.
  • If you notice any black spots, or digestive problems, or other illnesses, see your veterinarian. It will help to identify the trouble in time and get rid of it.
  • Your crested geckos have the opportunity to live as pets for a very long time without any problems, thanks to ideal conditions. Maintain the perfect temperature and humidity. Review all necessary information regarding the correct environment, and so on.


Does the Lifespan of Cresties Depend on the Life Conditions?

Yes, of course. The better the conditions, the longer your pet will live with you. Good temperature, proper nutrition will help avoid diseases.

Do Cresties Feel Safe as Pets?

Frankly, it is safer for them to be pets because there are no predators like in the wild. They feel safer in their cages or hiding. If you take them in your arms, be careful and cautious. They may not like this action.

Can a Crested Gecko Be Left Alone?

I believe that nothing will happen to your pet in a few days. However, please do not leave it for longer. You understand that it must eat or drink. What about temperature control? I admit that you can only leave it for a few days.


How many years do crested geckos live? So, 15-20 years is the normal age of your pet. Care and a good environment will assist in forgetting about an unwanted premature death. You can even live with your cresties for 25 years. This is great because you have a friend for a long time.

Emmy, 29 years old. Since my youth, I have been fond of reptiles and especially geckos. On this blog, I decided to share my personal experience in caring for crested geckos.

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