How Many Crested Geckos Can Live Together

Reptiles are very amusing creatures, aren’t they? You are constantly finding new questions and fresh features. For example, a very common issue of many owners concerns their living alone or in pairs. In particular, how many crested geckos can live together? Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

Are Crested Geckos Social?

I call reptiles cold-blooded. They don’t need friends, kindness, and, in particular, living with others. So, I would say that they like to spend time alone. Such pets have their territory and do not wish to let anyone into it.

I never noticed that they wanted to be friends with someone. Such pets do not need communication. You can’t tame them like a dog or a cat. Of course, they won’t attack their master with whom they live. So, I would say crested geckos are not amicable and friendly.

Can I Place My Reptiles Together

I meet people who have several lizards of this type at home. And someone says that they cannot exist in one room. Others argue the opposite.

I made a pros/cons chart. You find out in what cases you can combine lizards. And why is it scary to remain pets jointly? Perhaps such comparisons will help you decide on the answer.

  • You may get offspring.
  • Females can live in one terrarium.
  • Females don’t fight if they like each other.
  • It is possible to keep up to 10 babies together.

  • Crested gecko’s behavior is vicious.
  • Some pets may refuse food.
  • Males can fight.
  • Injuries and stress can occur.

housing crested geckos together

So, look at the chart. I don’t see that combining pets in one terrarium is good. They are aggressive creatures. Hence, I recommend settling them asunder.

Can a female and male crested gecko live together? If you strive for offspring, then settle different sexes together. And for such a purpose, you should select a fairly large area. I compared the opinions of gecko owners on Reddit and noticed that they differ too. Some say they are experimenting. Others are categorically against that because they’re afraid for their pets.

As I said, these lizards like to live alone. Therefore, I did not recommend combining any gender and age. Can crested geckos live with frogs? Yes, if you have a large enough area, then there is a case that they exist there together. However, this fact depends on the species of frogs. After all, they must also be harmless.

Advice for Keeping Two or More Pets Together

It seems to you that your gecko is friendly with you. Yes, he may be your friend. However, you do not claim its territory and place. But another gecko can become his enemy if he appears in the vivarium.

Could you house baby crested geckos together for a long time? Yes, but they grow fast. You ought to pay attention to their way of behaving. I would advise separating them from the age of 10 months.

You won’t believe it, but I tried to watch both males myself. And to be honest, they immediately started fighting. Even for a few days, they could not divide the territory. Therefore, I did not want to cause them nervous breakdowns. And I settled my pets.

When I housed a male with three females, I saw a somewhat softer relationship. However, one girl did not like the other and always competed. Of course, their aggression was a little less. But still, I didn’t endanger them. So, when housing crested geckos together, remember:

  • The terrarium should be of sufficient size.
  • Watch your behavior to deprive fights and troubles.
  • Males and females must be the same age, ready for reproduction.
  • Place gecko babies of various sexes also by age.
  • Only join the same weight, age, and size.


I think you have already understood certain features in the character of your pets. Some lizards can live with other individuals of some kind. This happens very seldom. Most of these geckos are solitary. They attack other individuals as they fight for their territory. Therefore, I would advise you not to take risks. If you have already decided to keep several representatives, you must make the appropriate conditions for their separate residence.

Emmy, 29 years old. Since my youth, I have been fond of reptiles and especially geckos. On this blog, I decided to share my personal experience in caring for crested geckos.

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