How Often to Clean Crested Gecko Tank

Proper care means a long life for your pet. A clean house – a tank, as we call it – is one of the rules for owners. How often to clean a crested gecko tank? – Many owners ask. This article will be useful for everyone. I will give an answer and advice on how to do such a thing.

What Tools Can You Utilize?

Cresties need heat lamps, the right temperature, and humidity. They also need to live in purity. Be sure to clean the crested gecko cage of dirt and mud residues at least once a month. Sometimes, I do this complete procedure every week because it makes my lizards healthier. What about leftover food, feces, dishes for water? I do that every day.

Today, the market offers us many means for cleaning various surfaces. It may suit us but can do great harm to our geckos. Do not think that you can take the usual standards for washing. I utilize only proven reptile-safe cleaner so as not to harm your pet’s health.

I made a table in which described means that won’t cause many problems. All of them clean well from dirt and disinfect the tank. Although, even after utilizing them, I recommend ventilating and drying the cage well.

MeansUsageCleaning kit
VinegarDiluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 9Brush
BleachDiluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 16Sponges
Specialized cleanerUsed in finished formBucket or bowl
Hot waterUsed in warm or hot formPaper towels
Soapy waterA weak solution of soap and waterCotton swabs
SodaDiluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 5Toothpicks

I advise you to take your cresties out of the cage when you clean it. Even when you want to clean a spot in a crested gecko tank, please don’t leave it there. My friend once left a lizard in a cage, sprayed the stain on the glass with a specialized spray, and wiped it immediately. It seems okay because the pet was on the other side. However, in a few hours, a friend saw that cresties color changed to bright red. It was hurt or annoyed by the smell of chemicals. The gecko refused to eat for several days. So, I will give some tips on how to clean a crested gecko tank.

Cleaning Crested Gecko Terrarium: Instructional Guide

how to clean a crested gecko tank

Cresties are not very picky creatures. They live together with people for a long time and don’t harm. However, the owners must follow proper care. The main rule is to keep the house clean, throw out the crested gecko poop daily, clean the glass, floor, and wash all the decorations and dishes. Disinfection and cleaning are good ways to get rid of germs, bacteria that are harmful to health. Of course, thorough ventilation is mandatory after such a procedure.

Many reptile owners clean gecko tanks with vinegar, according to the Reddit site. It is safe even with specialized tools. Although in my opinion, its smell is very toxic. If you also decide to wash the cage with it, then ventilate it properly. After using all detergents, wipe dry and then circulate. Here are some step-by-step guides for proper procedure. So how do I do?

Step 1 – Rearrange Your Pet

I put my gecko into a replacement container with spare equipment for water or food. The procedure takes a long time, so I don’t approve of my friend running around the house or sitting in someone’s arms for too long.

Step 2 – Freeing Up Space

crested gecko cleaning equipment list

I take away all the stones, vines, bowls, drinking bowls, and other objects. That is, the cage must be empty for good cleaning and disinfection.

Step 3 – Cleaning Terrarium bottom

The next step is thorough gecko floor care. First, I take the poop. To do this, I sometimes sift the sand with a sieve or pick them up with a paper towel. Then, I completely remove all the litter and start cleaning the floor and the entire container.

Step 4 – Prepare Yourself

Take hot water (you may put a little soap) and put on gloves. As you can see, the crested gecko cleaning equipment list is long. You will need all the items I mentioned in the table.

Step 5 – Cleaning the Walls

Use a sponge to wipe all the walls of the cage, wash everything thoroughly. If there is dirt in the corners, then use cotton swabs or toothpicks. Finally, treat the floor with bleach diluted in water.

Step 6 – Wiping the Glass

clean the crested gecko cage

Soapy water, of course, leaves stains. So, how to clean crested gecko glass? I wipe it with a soft cloth with a special tool. I also sometimes take diluted vinegar. It is also effective against stains and does not leave stains on the glass. You’ll disinfect the glass walls in such ways.

Step 7 – Decorations

Do not forget to wipe all the decorations, and wash the dishes or replace them with clean ones. I change the crested gecko’s substrate completely after washing.

Step 8 – Desiccation

Dry the whole container well. I use paper towels. They absorb moisture. Ventilate it in the fresh air. When you no longer hear any odors, then you can put everything in place.

Finally, wash your hands thoroughly and discard all sponges and other products you have used.

Some novices ask me, ‘How often should I clean my crested gecko terrarium?’ Execute general cleaning once a month. You may do this process frequently if you have the desire and time. Once, I spent a few hours each week on this process, trying to clean every corner perfectly. My pet was sitting in the next cage and looked unhappy. So, I decided not to dwell. I think that once a month will be enough for it. However, every day you need to follow the basic cleaning of poop, change dishes, etc.


The cleaning gecko tank is not difficult but demanding. It would help if you considered everything from the complete release of the cage, washing all the walls and glass to replacing bedding, water, etc. Do the procedure while the gecko is not sleeping. This is best in the morning or evening. Besides, means must be safe. I do not recommend ignoring this rule for the safety of your cresties. If the tank is clean, then the pet is healthy.

Emmy, 29 years old. Since my youth, I have been fond of reptiles and especially geckos. On this blog, I decided to share my personal experience in caring for crested geckos.

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