What Insects (Bugs) Can Crested Geckos Eat

A momentous point in caring for a crested gecko is food and a proper diet. It must contain all the necessary vitamins and substances to keep reptiles healthy and balanced. Besides specialized food and fruit, owners must give certain types of flies, worms, etc. So, what insects (bugs) can crested geckos eat? In this article, I gave a few examples of insects with all the usefulness and answers to the most common questions among owners.

How to Select Right Bugs for Your Reptile?

Geckos eat various bugs that you can buy in specialty stores or grow at home. However, you need to know how to nourish your pet. You want it to feel good and develop worthily, don’t you? There are dissimilar types of bugs. Some of them can be useful, and others harmful. So, I created a feeder insect nutrition chart. Here you can evaluate and choose the type of bug that is most suitable for your lizard.

Bugs Pros Cons
  • Balanced feed;
  • Low fat;
  • Well digested;
  • You can freeze it.
  • Scent;
  • It isn't easy to hold for a long time.
  • Quite nutritious;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • Available.
  • Causes obesity;
  • Addictive;
  • It cannot be frozen.
  • Easy to breed;
  • Nutritious;
  • Not for frequent feeding;
  • It cannot be frozen.
  • Low fat;
  • Long-lived;
  • You can freeze it.
  • Bad smell;
  • Not all geckos like it.
  • Nutritious ;
  • Wholesome food;
  • Virtually no smell;
  • Rich in protein.
  • Hard to hold;
  • Not for frequent feeding;
  • It cannot be frozen.
Newborn mice
  • Useful and nutritious;
  • You can freeze it.
  • Addictive;
  • Not for frequent feeding.
Insects from nature
  • Useful;
  • Natural.
  • Can be carriers of infections.

Adding Bugs to the Feeding

Bugs and various worms are useful for lizards. But the first thing is to choose the best insects for crested geckos considering all the peculiarities of feeding and pet tastes. Don’t feed your pet with hungry insects. They won’t give any good. But on the contrary, such foodstuff can harm. I tried a variety of insects for my gecko. It likes crickets the most. So, I think they are the most affordable for everyone. And I’m glad my lizard loves to eat them. But I always feed them before giving them to my gecko. And every time, I try to sprinkle them with specialized vitamins and minerals that I buy in specialty stores.

What Kind of Bugs Can Crested Geckos Eat?

What Kind of Bugs Can Crested Geckos Eat?

Reptiles of such species like to indulge in insects. However, you shouldn’t feed such food frequently. The owner ought to make a properly balanced diet. Geckos can gain too much weight or get health problems from some types of worms. Quite suitable for your pets are:

  • Crickets;
  • Snails;
  • Worms (wax, worm, oil, meal).

Can you ask what do crested geckos eat in the wild? They eat various foods, from fruits to insects, larvae, small worms, spiders, and more. They have feelings that help to find live food, to smell fruit.

How Often Can You Give Insects?

Flies, worms are the most common food for many pets. Many insects are an excellent food for lizards because they are high in calcium and promote better development and growth of reptiles. However, it is not desirable to give such delicacies often. Feed them 2-3 times a week in the evening. Be sure to pick up leftovers in the morning. After all, you may overfeed your pet that can lead to illness.

How Long Can Crested Geckos Be Hungry?

Sundry reptiles can behave differently with food. Some may not eat long enough. For example, if you consider how long a snake can go without eating, this is for some species, even half a year. Vice versa, three weeks of starvation for lizards can be fatal for them. Besides, not all food can be useful for reptiles of different species.


How Often Can I Feed My Crested Lizard?

Of course, each animal has its characteristics and diet. Accordingly, crested lizards should eat on schedule. The best diet for adults is three times a week. However, you should consider the weight and development of your pet. And do not forget about a varied crested gecko diet.

What Food Do Crested Geckos Like the Most?

They like to taste a variety of fruits. However, they are omnivorous predators by nature. Various beetles, worms are their favorite delicacy. Besides, such food is necessary for their full development, growth, and weight.

Why Isn't Crested Gecko Eating?

Lizards of this species can refuse to eat for a couple of weeks. Howsoever, there are many reasons for this behavior. First of all, a new place to live, a unique situation, stress, nerves, adverse conditions, etc., are sometimes the cause. Try to let it eat fruit or worms.



Every lizard likes to eat bugs or worms. They are delicious and nutritious. Among the insects for crested geckos, you can select what your pet wants. However, it would help if you remembered about balanced food. Make the diet varied. Don’t skimp on your gecko health.

Emmy, 29 years old. Since my youth, I have been fond of reptiles and especially geckos. On this blog, I decided to share my personal experience in caring for crested geckos.

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